We must do what we can for the climate - even when we meet

We must do what we can for the climate - even when we meet

We believe in bringing people together. This has an environmental cost. That's why we focus on sustainable operations, so that we take the best possible care of the environment and each other, so that we can continue to meet.


Therefore, in collaboration with the Sustainable Bottom Line project and students from Cphbusiness, we have prepared a detailed environmental mapping of all Pharmakon's activities. This brings new and overlooked environmental impacts to light and helps students to put their theoretical learning into practice.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a plan and ambition for the development of the whole world by 2030. Our sustainable operations naturally include working with the 17 SDGs.

We work with the following 5 SDGs


We have a particular focus on 7 and 12 as this is where we can make a big difference.

We are doing well now, and in 2025 we will do even better


1. All electricity consumption comes from green wind power
2. We have reduced our carbon footprint by 30%
3. We have a 15% higher utilization rate of purchased raw materials
4. We have reduced our food waste by 50%
5. We have reduced our residual waste by 25

We have held the Bronze Organic Cuisine Label since 2019. This means that we guarantee that between 30-60% of our ingredients are organic. Our average is 55%. Our goal is to obtain the Silver Organic Cuisine Label in 2023.

We are accredited by Green Key, the international eco-label for tourism, which is awarded to tourism businesses that go the extra mile to protect the environment. An eco-labeled company must meet many specific and relevant environmental requirements, which are ensured by a comprehensive approval procedure and continuous monitoring.

In 2019, we received the REFOOD label. This is a recognition for companies and organizations in the food and service sector that are committed to reducing food waste and promoting recycling.

We work purposefully to reduce our food waste, to make better use of the whole raw material and measure all food waste in collaboration with FoodWaste from eSmiley.

We use green electricity and it is 100% use of CO2 neutral electricity. In addition, we use LED lighting as a light source. We have 4 charging stations for electric cars.


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